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“The Ainosato,” which is currently ranking high in popularity on Netflix, I highly recommend it to all of you.

<My Impressions>

All the cast members were in tears. From childhood, being bullied and lacking self-confidence even as an adult,

Okayo, a convenience store worker, meets Jyunpei, an interior design business owner, at Ainosato.

As she helps him renovate the traditional Japanese house’s girls’ room, she finds herself falling in love with him.

“My emotions are overflowing…” With a tearful and tense expression,

she took that step forward to ring the bell on the mountain behind.

The next day, when Junpei was about to respond to Okayo’s confession, he asked his best friend, Sakachan,

“Please bring me 〇〇〇.” Upon seeing that, Okayo covered her face and collapsed in tears.

Many viewers think, “Can there be anything as heartwarming as being able to rejoice in a stranger’s happiness so much…?”

They have surely discovered that about themselves.

※ “Ainosato” is a series where men and women seeking love live together in a remote traditional Japanese house. If they develop feelings for someone, they ring the bell in the backyard of the house and confess. If the confession is accepted, they kiss and leave the house as a couple. If rejected, they leave alone. That’s the rule.

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